22 July 2009

I Hate Myself for Loving You

It's hard to believe, but I have spent 9 seasons watching what is quite possibly the crappiest show on TV, and have moved on to my 10th...Big Brother.

There is nothing redeeming about this show. There is very little that is even vaguely interesting about these people. Back in the early days, they would at least have a little fun at first. Season 2, I believe, brought us the now common knowledge word "showmance." There were two on that season, and it also brought us the Evil Doctor Will, possibly the best (and hottest) villian ever on a competitive reality show. 9/11 also happened during that season, and I remember this because, 1. I am a nerd, and 2. one of the contestants had a relative who was missing as a result, and they had to debate whether or not to tell her. (in other reality news, 9/11 was the one time The Real World Chicago housemates got to watch TV. See, I told you, nerd).

But the past, well, at least 4 seasons have been SO BORING. They start playing the game from the moment they enter the house. It is non-stop. They all act like pre-teen girls in Catholic school...changing alliances every 2 minutes, leading people into talking crap about other people then running off and tattling, and the popular kids ruling the roost, until they are dethroned. (perhaps all grade school girls are like that...my only experience is with Catholic school)

And, it seems, they are casting more and more deplorable people. Racists, misogynists, homophobes...you name it, they seem to be casting for it. They don't, however, show this on the broadcast show...instead,they create characters like Dick, who played the game with his estranged daughter Danielle, who seem really affable on screen, but in the live feeds are threatening to rape, kill, and otherwise hurt women in the house. The hell?

Yet, I continue to watch this crap. And it seriously is crap. And I hate myself for it, but in the dearth that is summer TV, each season, I get sucked back in.

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Courtney said...

3 nights a week, I ask myself the same question. WHY WHY WHY do I watch this absolute crap? And you're right, it is total crap. We are intelligent women, and yet we've both been sucked into the terrible slop. I'm glad I'm not alone. Totally miss the old days in the BB house. Remember when they felt the earthquake? And I did remember that Real World too. Okay, so there. I'm a nerd. :)