15 July 2009

Wednesday Answers

From My Digital Ghost...

[Listen] Any song stuck in your head right now? Or do you remember the last song to be stuck in your head–what was it?

I have Flo Rida's "Spin me Round" stuck in my head right now...it must have just been on a commercial or something.

[Watch] Will you/did you see the new Harry Potter movie this week? In general, have you ever attended a midnight showing of a major film the night it was released?

I will not see the Harry Potter movie. I haven't seen any of them thus far, so wouldn't start towards the end; I really don't have much of an interest in them! I feel like I have seen a midnight release, but am not sure if that is true...if it was anything, it was one of the Star Wars movies (either the re-release of the originals or the first new one). Can't guarantee that is true, though.

[Read] What is your favorite category of non-fiction? (History, culture, humor, etc.)

I have been reading a lot of history lately. I also really love travel books and learning about the places I will go...soon I'll have to start reading about Amsterdam!

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