15 September 2009

The Text Generation

Recently, a group of friends, representing the X and Y and possibly Millennium generations, were talking. When we (the X gen-ers) told one of them that she would be Y/Millennium...she got offended. She said she didn't want to be associated with those "texters" and stuff...

And I, as part of the Slacker Gen-X, wondered why.

I think texting, along with many other advancements that have happened in my lifetime (see: proliferation of the interwebs, MP3 players, TiVo), is the bees knees. Perhaps it is because it is so common to her generation that it is passe. And to me, it is still a novelty. I dunno.

But I love it.

I barely talk on the phone. I maybe get 3 calls a week, mostly from my brother or mom or maybe a friend who is driving in a car. I would rather text or talk in person . Since the latter isn't always possible, texting it is! (I will admit, though, sometimes a call is a nice surprise!)

I don't know why, it just seems so much easier to me. I feel like I can get so much more done, and then I can more easily remember what people are telling me.

Perhaps this is "typical" of Gen-X...according to everything we heard growing up, we like things the easy way;-).

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