18 September 2009

Three More Weeks!!!

In just 3 weeks, I will be seeing my amigas muchas and celebrating with them in Copenhagen/Malmo. I am so excited...It still amazes me that we've been able to keep in touch all these years. The Internet was in an infant stage when we all met; I believe Yahoo! Messenger was introduced not too long before we were together in Spain, and we'd pick a time once a week or so and have a big group chat. That stopped working...then emails got a little more sporadic. We met again at Pernilla's wedding (she's the blondie), and then on Facebook, where we planned the reunion we had last year.

And I am lucky enough to get to see them again this year!! Hooray!

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Pernilla said...

So are we! Awesome! Soooon my friend!