24 January 2010

Lingering Questions: Titanic

"I'll never let go, Jack."

I have watched Titanic at least a million times, or so it seems. I saw it 2 or 3 times at the movie theater (it has to be one of the only movies I have EVER seen in the theater more than once), and since then, pretty much every time it comes on, I watch, from any point in the movie until the end.

Yesterday was one of those days, and I came in right when Jack is tied up in the belly of the ship, the water is climbing, and Rose is trying to find a way to free him. They flash on to her mother, with Molly Brown in the rescue boat, and Mama Rose is worried about baby Rose.

Which begged the question, for me, anyway...did Rose ever see her mom again? Or did she let her mom go on thinking she had died on the boat. I kind of figured she never let evil fiancee know she was still kicking, but, her mom? How rude!

I also wonder if she went by Rose Dawson for the rest of her life? And, did her granddaughter know this story? That actress was so bored-looking throughout the whole movie I can't tell (maybe she was focused on her new relationship with James Cameron...who knows). Like, if you didn't know, wouldn't you be shocked? And if you did know, when you saw a story on the Titanic while your grandma was in the next room, wouldn't you call her in when a new story came on?

And...Did Rose name her first son Jack? It's really the least she could do, right?

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