30 January 2010

Meanwhile, on Muni...

Muni is both a blessing to have and the bane of my existence.

Since my work moved about 9 months ago, I've had to take one of the grossest buses in SF, the 38. This bus runs from the ocean to the Transbay Terminal downtown, essentially spanning the whole city and bringing riders through many different types of neighborhoods.

Full of characters, it stinks, is dirty, and most times unbearably crowded.

The other day, I was somehow lucky enough to score a seat in the back. I sat down excitedly and thought about how much more comfortable my ride would be (granted, I was running REALLY late to work, so it wasn't typical commute time). But then...

I realized my seat neighbor stunk of patchouli. Like, reeked of it. As if that smell wasn't bad enough, this dude smelled like he lit some incense, and then did some rhythmic gymnastics with the stick, making sure his body got fully coated in the smoke.

And, to top it off...dude had white person dreads. Which had clearly been soaked in the stuff, too.

It made for a long, long ride. And the smell stuck with me even after I left. While this wasn't the worst that I've had on the 38, it was gross nonetheless.

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