25 March 2010

So Fresh and so Clean Clean

I am kind of a messy person.

I am not dirty, but I have trouble with the whole neatness thing. It has taken me years to accept this, but...well, there it is. Anyone who knows me probably knows this...I had a very messy room as a kid, as a teen, as a college student...my desk at work often looks like a hurricane passed through, and my home often has little piles of stuff here and there. This is my norm, and within these constructs, I am super organized. I know where things are, I know which pile has what, and can usually find things in a timely manner (except keys...and my credit card). I do my best to keep this mess as neat as possible, an oxymoron, I know, but...

Since moving into my place, I have tried hard to keep things clean. This is often hard to do, with the little piles of magazines and what nots laying around, but I've done a fairly decent job. Thanks to my huge windows, dust accumulates quickly, and the wood floors are a color that constantly look dirty to me...no matter how much I clean them. And with the dog, well...things get dirtier at a quicker pace than I can handle. So finally I had to admit defeat, and call in reinforcements.

How I wish I had done this earlier in my life! This place feels like a gleaming castle (possibly the smallest castle ever, but so shiny). Even my soap bottles got cleaned, so gone is the little bit of suds accumulation that had existed on the side. The wood floors, for a day or so, shone with no trace of little paw prints. Even on days when I worked my hardest, using wood cleaner and the power mop my brother gave me, I couldn't get it so clean.

How does this relate to my messiness, you ask? Well, because I don't want this sparkle to go away, I have been more diligent than normal about trying to contain the little piles. (that sounds like such a gross word, doesn't it? Just me? Ok then...) Maybe this was the answer I've needed my whole life? The motivation to hang up my clothes right away? Maybe?

Or...as I look at little stack of shoes that is starting to accumulate, I am thinking perhaps maybe not...

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Anonymous said...

i have trouble getting around to clean sometimes too. sometimes i wonder if i'll end up being like those hoarders on TLC, although i'm not near as dirty as they are. well atleast their houses. oh and hello :)