18 August 2010

Day Trippin'

Supposedly, it is summertime. Apparently, those of us in SF and the immediate Bay Area have done something to offend Mother Nature, because not only has she not deemed it appropriate to wake up the sun much, she also hasn't turned the heat up past 60F...FOR OVER SIX WEEKS.

Now, you might say...Mark Twain once claimed, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." You'd be right in that it is usually cool here in the summer (but not that Mark Twain said it...someone else did). And, every year we all kind of complain, but by August our whines are silenced and the weather turns up and we can wear skirts and dresses once in a while and not have to wear boots and tights with them. This year, however, has been more than riduculous.

What? Me? Upset? No...I really LOVE being doused in fog while walking my dog in the morning and wearing my winter jacket to work every day. In August.

So, it seems appropriate that on the weekends, we try to escape. I think we would do that normally, but it feels even more desperate now. With no sun and only cold, it is too easy to spend every night curled up in front of the heater (no kidding...many of my friends have been pumping theirs on full blast lately. In AUGUST.).

My fingers are crossed that the next few weekends will be warm up north at the River. In an effort to break out of the city and into nature (ahhh...nature...love), my friend and I are taking a little drive on Saturday to hopefully drink a little wine and hit the beach for a few hours. Will the sun touch us with its beautiful rays? We can only hope.

Same goes for the next two weekends...the next one, a group of friends and I are heading up (sans parents, I think, for possibly the first time ever in my life, not for the best of reasons, unfortunately. And, yes, I am an "adult"...amazing) for a weekend of beach and floating to the bridge (and perhaps some flip cup here & there), and then the final weekend, Labor Day, when I wasn't really planning on going up but certain circumstances have made my presence more necessary.

Three weekends at the River. I don't know that I've done that since I was a teenager. Hopefully, the earth will tilt on its axis enough to grace us with some sun!

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