31 August 2010


A week has passed and I can't say it feels any better. If anything...now is the time when the thoughts really get to you because everyone is gone and life is supposed to get back to a new normal.

It's been particularly hard leaning on other people. I am not used to doing that...most of the time I am trying to take care of other people and helping them. I tend to internalize things more (because of this, I was recently called a cold City girl; hearing that from the person who said it pretty much broke my heart) and this is one thing I am not quite sure how to handle.

My friends have been awesome and told me I get til my birthday to be as messy as I need to be. Hopefully I can pull it together before then.

My dad's service was pretty awesome. There had to have been at least 500 people there...from what we heard, there were people standing on the steps outside of the church because there was no room in the entryway. At the end, my brother had the idea to have everyone sing "That's Amore," one of my dad's favorite songs. Everyone did sing, and...well, it was the coolest. I took a video, which may be less than classy at a funeral service but it was too awesome not to.

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Pernilla said...

CRYING. that was awesome. You girl. You're not a cold city girl. I know you're not. And try to lean more. I have a hard time, I just keep it inside. WE should stop that.