28 January 2011

Quarter Century: Challenger

Twenty five years has passed since the Challenger exploded, yet I remember it so clearly.

Sitting at the reading table in Mrs. Richardson's class. The TV wasn't yet on...and Mrs. Jennings came running into our classroom, flapping that something terrible had happened and we needed to turn on the TV and watch this ASAP (they must have been airing it on the whatever cable the Catholic Schools used back then).

We all sat in stunned silence as they replayed the explosion. That there was a teacher on board made it all the more tragic to us -- what if it had been our beloved Mrs. R? How must Mrs. McAuliffe's students feel, losing her? Our minds weren't developed enough to think much past that, it struck us all.

I can't believe it has been 25 years. For most of my life, this was my generation's "Kennedy moment" (until it was replaced by 9/11, which almost all generations alive at that time will remember forever).

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Pernilla said...

This is all so vivid to me too. I didn't get to watch it in class, not that I can remember but it was huge over here too. So sad. I was also very fascinated about the teacher...

And it makes you think.. We're old!!