13 January 2011

School Daze

New year, new aspirations.

I feel like I should take some classes or something. Earn my certification in something. So far I've looked at Project Management certification, Social Media certification, Editing, Marketing, Non-Profit Leadership... none of them totally pique my interest (maybe the PM certificate...I feel like Social Media is something you learn on your own, but maybe it would help career-wise). And, even if they do sound good, the cost is a little prohibitive. All the certificate programs are a couple of thousand dollars...which I guess would be fine if work was paying for it, but I couldn't get that kind of funding, nor do I really want to.

But I do need to do something. Trying to find online courses so I can do them at my own pace.  But it's time. I wish I could do my MFA in Art History or Literature or something. But, that won't really get me anywhere, career-wise. It would sure be fun!

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