28 February 2011

Feeling Uninspired.

Of late, I have been feeling particularly uninspired.

I know I should take a class, read, do something creative...and I have some great ideas -- I'll go down to the bridge and take evening shots with my fancy camera! I'll read two books a month! I'll get licensed for work! I'll take a painting class.

All these things...and yet, no inspiration to actually do them.

Photography has been particularly hard...I took a photography class...learned a few cool things. But yet? Have barely picked up my camera since. I haven't taken pictures of any sort since Halloween. This is not like me. But I stare at my little orange camera, and my BAC (big @ss camera), and have no urge to pick either of them up. I can't even find the battery charger for the little orange one.

Even writing has been a chore. I love to write; it's a catharsis. But I am not even feeling the urge to pick up the pen (yup, I write in a nice Moleskine, usually...love the feel of my pen gliding across that paper).

I am not quite sure where to find inspiration...any suggestions?

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Pernilla said...

Once you get started, you'll get it back. The trick is to just start, force yourself. And then you will remember how much you love doing it!