18 February 2011

Oye the Translation

I have a very good friend who blogs...a lot. Which is great, you would think, as it would allow me to keep up on her life and goings on in it.

Except...it is not in English. And, while Google Translate is a great tool, it often makes no sense.

It translates her name to "Roy." It took me a while to figure this out, because I had no idea that is what her name would be in English. So that was the first stumbling block. Then, half the translations make absolutely no sense.

It is rather frustrating, actually, because I can't tell when things are good or bad. I, in fact, can't tell much of anything. It is almost easier sometimes to read it in the real language rather than English, because I can kind of tell what she means by the way the sentences are structured.

It's reinforces how important a more humanistic approach is to translation, rather than a literal translation by a machine. Which makes me laugh sometimes, but doesn't help me stay up to date on her life.

So...Google Translate = good for words, not so much for stories.

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