05 September 2011

Putting the labor back in Labor Day

It was Labor Day weekend...which for me has always signaled the end of summer, as it's the last weekend we get up at the River.

Last year was extremely difficult, and I couldn't wait to get through it.  This year, however, it couldn't last long enough!

We started off Saturday with another run around the loop. I thought we had gone quite a bit faster...but I was wrong. I think. The final time was the same, but we had one slower mile than last go 'round... there was one point where B & I were going at around a 9.30 and that felt awesome.

The pain in my leg? Not so awesome. In fact...pretty much the opposite of awesome.

Once I got back to camp, it was time to take down the site. This may sound easy -- after all, camping is just a couple of tents, right? But no, at our campgrounds, the sites are like outdoor cabins, and include all the accoutrements of one. Tarps, tents, refrigerator...all needed to be cleaned, moved, stored. It was a good little workout. 

Such a good workout that floating down the river sounded like a good way to cool off. Boy was I wrong. This float lasted FOREVER, since the river was almost running backwards. Instead of floating, we had to paddle most of the way. At least I earned my many, many drinks that night (and burnt off even more at the dance).

Sunday meant a 2 hour walk, including a trip over to our rival park on the forbidden trail. We felt like teenagers sneaking back there, as none of us have been there since we were told not to go. Of course, the minute we exited the trail, someone caught us, and we all reverted back to our 15 year old selves. It was pretty humorous to me! After we arrived back to our park, I was extremely exhausted!

It was a great last weekend to an interesting summer. And we made it...through a whole year of a roller coaster ride.

Every day I'm shufflin'...

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