06 September 2010

Summertime Rolls...

Thankfully...summertime has rolled right to a close.

The end of summer always brought mixed feelings for me. Often, I was ready to go back to school or do something. But Labor Day also meant take down weekend at the River, and saying goodbye to all our summer family.

This year it was particularly hard to say goodbye...for obvious reasons. We had so many people rallying around us from this special group -- from the services to taking down our camp to the party that got held in the campgrounds (which my dad would have HATED....but we loved) to feeding my brother & I incessantly -- leaving them was particularly hard. I skipped out on goodbyes...I was upset on Saturday night and not feeling well, and couldn't handle a dance. Pulled an Irish goodbye and headed home.

I must say, however, this summer at the River and life in general has been bittersweet. Aside from the events of the last week or so, which turned things upside down, this summer has been a weird one. It's been a complete roller coaster, and not necessarily the fun kind... Occasionally it was, but...I dunno. I am glad to see this summer end.

This summer did, however, bring this song to my head quite a bit. From about early July on, it's been in my head quite a bit (not sure if that's when I first heard it, or circumstances brought it to mind...regardless...{love}).

(and...if I knew the video featured so much of Dave, who is getting hotter and hotter the older he gets, I would have shared earlier!)

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Nicole said...

OMG I will be soooo happy when Summer begins here!!