15 September 2010



This time of year -- the end of the baseball season -- was probably when I talked the most to my dad. I would usually get a random call in the middle of the day to talk about something that happened in a day game, or to chat about the night before, or to see if I saw that one catch that one guy made and didn't it remind me of the time that something happened in one of my brother's baseball games where I was keeping score (which I never did, but my dad remembered everything...steel trap of a mind).

Generally, we'd talk about the A's. And sometimes about the Giants...and when we did I had to remind him that I don't cheer for the Giants, and he would remind me that they are our closest national league team, and I should want them to do well. We would go back and forth on this a few times until one of us, usually me, realized neither of us was going to win.

So he would have loved the current pennant race going on right now. The Giants were on fire, and though they've slowed a bit, they still have a real chance of winning their division. The A's are playing great, too, and I know we would have discussed how they had an outside chance, but the A's stink and probably would choke. Then we'd argue again about how I hope the Giants choked, he wouldn't understand, and we'd then have to agree about how much we don't like the Red Sox.

It's hard to go through these few weeks without him to talk to...he is a big reason for my love of baseball.

So as we enter these next two weeks, the final two of the baseball season, I guess I'll do him the honor of NOT routing against the Giants. I am heading to the Giants/Dodgers game on Thursday, and...well, maybe I'll even give a clap or two when the Giants win, just for my dad.

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