25 September 2010

Pretty Boy

Some people think this is mean...but Luca likes to make me laugh, and this sure did.

I thought he would like to try on part of one of my Halloween costumes (yes, one of two costumes...in New Orleans we go big or go home)...a lovely pink tutu. I think, in fact, the first tutu I have ever owned.

He wasn't too happy, but kind of walked around in it while he was trying to shake it off. HILARIOUS. (well, to me at least) Don't worry, he got treats.



Nicole said...

Awww ;p he looks so cute! we put a tutu on our 'big tough' looking boy dog. He LOVED it - my partner was not impressed *hee* but Otis was!


annie said...

Hah. I think these poochies will do whatever we want... they love us THAT much!