19 September 2010

Boo: Tasting Fees

I am heading to Napa soon, and we wanted to do a little tasting before an event. In researching wineries, I have been appalled at the tasting fees. I can see perhaps justifying 5$ here and there, but many of the places have fees upwards of 20$! This is so ridiculous to me...

I consider myself very lucky to have grown up in the area I did, where I was close to beauty that others may never see in their lifetime -- the Bay, Yosemite, the Redwoods, vineyards... Each time I see these things, I am ever so grateful.

I love the wine country, and grew up visiting the area and various wineries...usually in the Russian River area, where I believe I first got served at around 15 by a particular place, but, still, throughout the Napa and Sonoma counties. Tasting has always been fun, and, when I was growing up, free.

Some waive the fee when you buy a bottle...but, still, the commercialization of the area is just out of control. I also understand the need for a winery to make money...really, I get it. But in the Napa area, you couple these ridiculous fees with complete snootiness of those pouring (and chintzy pours!), and where is the fun in that?

I have a bunch of wine that I have purchased simply because the tasting experience, and the memories that come with it, were so good. Maybe if they threw in a little food, the fees could be justified. But as it stands...I will take my business elsewhere, kind sir.

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