16 October 2011


So far, I am about 50 pages into a guidebook (not much on a page, lots of pics)...I've just passed the "Things You Need to Know" pages, and I am already so excited I can hardly contain myself.


1. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I get to go where he is from. I get to see where Love in the Time of Cholera is set. Yes, yes please.
2. I get to drink the best coffee in the world. (V- yes, I am excited to drink coffee)
3. I get to go to the beach in December.
4. I get to eat arepas on the regular.
5. I just read about patacones...PLANTAINS!

So we're going to Cartagena and Bogota...any and all suggestions would be really appreciated.
(and, yes, I know Medellin ROCKS, but we have 7 days, and choices must be made. Also, spare me about the 7 days. It's what we have. Those 7 days are going to ROCK SO HARD.)

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Vanessa said...

will there be baileys in your coffee?