06 October 2011

Travel Time!

I am not the most spontaneous person in the world...anyone who knows me knows this as stone-cold fact.

Several years ago, I booked a trip to Seattle on somewhat of a whim. Prior to that, I had watched Under the Tuscan Sun and rather promptly booked a trip to Argentina.

And tonight? Well...

I got a text from my friend BillE, saying,"Taipei first week of December, you in?" Promptly followed with, "You should probably come. Why not?"

I responded that I was game, but that I'd rather go to South America. Within minutes, we had decided on Colombia.

And, an hour or so later, my trip was booked. Hopefully BillE has also booked his ticket, but if not, I'm going. And I can.not.wait.

1 comment:

Pernilla said...

Wow! Another birthday gift? ;) So cool.