02 December 2011

And We're Off!

First, I must comment on this... Our cab ride from the Cartagena airport to our hotel cost about 5$US. This is astonishing to me. First, because Bill was ready to book us a car for 40$. And second...5$!?

Whew, with that out of the way...we made it safe and sound to Colombia. Not without some issues, of course.  My flight out of San Francisco was late by about 25-30 minutes...not a great thing when I only had a 50 minute layover. The flight attendants on this United/Continental flight were very nice, however, answered my questions about the tight connection and even comped me a drink.  I was sure I couldn't be the only one trying to make that connection, but it turns out, I was. Or, at least, no one else was running through the Houston airport on the same path as me.

Luckily, the flight from Houston to Bogota was also late, so I made it there as they were boarding. Whew, crisis averted! The second flight was very bumpy, with very ornery flight attendants who lost patience with some customers because they couldn't decide what they wanted to eat ( 1. It was past midnight and we had no clue they'd be throwing food at us, 2. They never told us what it was that they were throwing, 3. We were on our way to Colombia, and many of the passengers didn't speak English and thus had no idea what the flight attendant was yammering on about.) Shame, United/Continental.

Once we arrived to Bogota, we had lots of time to kill between flights. And our flight was delayed. The lack of concern by the airplane staff led Bill & I to believe that this delay is a normal thing. Eventually, after what seemed like forever (at least an hour delay), we were on our way...and hour after take off, we were touching down in Cartagena. 

After our amazingly cheap cab ride, we arrived to the lovely air conditioning of our hotel. Man, this place is HOT. And humid. Those two things, plus approximately 1.25 hours of sleep in over 24 hours do not a happy Annie make. I needed a nap!

After lunch, that is exactly what we did.  I went up to the roof deck and laid by the pool;  Bill enjoyed the air conditioned room.  That was about 5 hours ago... I am still by the pool. HOT, I tell you!

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