03 December 2011

Drinking like a Local

A margarita?

Nope...this drink combines two of my favorite things -beer & salt - along with lime juice to form a michelada.

I had heard of these drinks before...an old co-worker swore by them, but they always included tomato juice (or clamato)...sort of like a bloody Mary sans vodka plus beer. I think that's the typical way in most of Latin America.

But here in Colombia, it's much simpler (and more to my taste). Threw back a few of these last night, using Aguila Light (Colombian beer...tastes kind of like Amstel light).

It's nice that much of the food here is corn-based (more on that deliciousness later) so I can enjoy the beer (balance the gluten intake). In fact, it's only 10am, already hot as hell, and I'm ready for a nice michelada already!

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