12 August 2013

New York! New York!

It had been at least six long years since I had last visited New York City, and much longer than that since I got to visit purely for fun. So when my friend P notified me that her family would be there for a month, and I should come visit -- I jumped right on it.

The trip was a whirlwind -- I flew in on a red-eye to arrive Friday morning and then left late afternoon (which actually turned into late night thanks to Newark Airport's TERRIBLE delay issues).

Among our adventures were a walk through Central Park and, of course, a stop for a drink or two at the boathouse, a Yankees game, a trip up a very high skyscraper (as a Californian, I don't think I will ever get used to how high the buildings are!), a night out on the town, and then a drizzly view from NJ over the river.

I cannot wait to go back.

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