19 January 2006

Pizza & Beer

So tonight I went to the local pizzery for a beer. A beer, meaning one.

Well, as you will probably tell from the rest of this ramble, that didn't happen.

First of all, I must share. Beer Night at the Front Room is great. How have I lived here for 2 years and not ever experienced it!? Pitchers of beer are 3.50$. My friend and I had 2 pitchers. On a Thursday night. It was great!

Also great? The very good looking men kept coming through the front door. We were stationed at what we thought was a horrible table, the closest to the front door and right in the line of traffic. How wrong we were. Strategically, it was the most awesome table. Aside from the girl at the window whose pants were a little too...uh...revealing (she needed to say no to crack), we got to see and stare at every person who walked in the door. It was great!

There was a 1.5 hour table limit, but I guess it "wasn't busy" (according to the host man), even though there were lots of people waiting for tables. We ended up sitting there for at least 2 hours plus change. The host didn't pressure or try to kick us out, so that was nice of him. And since the waitress didn't come by too much, we didn't feel bad about not ordering more.

I am bummed that tonight was the first time I have gone to Beer Night, even though it is less than one block away. Dumb me! But I am glad I finally went, and vow to make it a more frequent experience. I will be out of town next week, but the following Thursday, if you're looking for me, I'll be there.

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