14 January 2006

Rainy Saturday

It is raining today. After a pretty perfect and sunny week, when I finally have a day off, it starts to rain. And not just a drizzle, but lots of huge rain drops, and lots of wind.

On a typical Saturday, this wouldn't bother me so much. It would cause me pause and lead me to question Mother Nature why she chooses to punish us on the weekends, when all we want to do is get outside! But usually I don't mine curling up on my couch and watching movies or some low-quality show I Tivoed during the week. In fact, this is what I prefer to do.

This particular Saturday, however, I have visitors heading into town. We have a full day planned, which will be interrupted somewhat by this new storm. It sure won't be as fun to walk around downtown San Francisco! Having visitors means I need to finish cleaning my apartment, which is tough when it is raining and I have no motivation to move off the couch and do any kind of work.

As you can see, rather than getting up and cleaning, I am writing here. (This blog thing may get me in trouble) Time is ticking away, they will be here soon, and I am still sitting here in my pj's. Oops.

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