18 July 2006

I Hurt Myself

Nothing turns me into a bigger baby than being injured. Especially when I cannot for the life of me figure out how I managed to do it.

I woke up Sunday morning with my left leg feeling like it was broken. It hurt to move it, hurt to put any weight on it, just plain hurt. I laid in bed and ran through the events of the prior day and evening. I went on a run in the morning, where, at some point, I did manage to trip over a pothold, but it was my right ankle that twisted, not my left. I wore a pair of shoes that did not belong to me (on the Saturday runs, Nike lets you try out their shoes), could that be the culprit? I am still hoping not, because those shoes fit my foot perfectly. I drank a lot during the day, but at no point remember falling or tripping in a way that would have hurt my leg. Night was easy, I came home and napped then went to bed early.

So it makes no sense. Yesterday it became obvious that I strained something, still with no rational reason. As the day progressed, the pain became more localized in my ankle. Definitely a strain, no swelling or anything but tough to put weight on it. Of course, I didn't wear the smartest shoes for an injury yesterday, but I looked cute and needed cute, not functional, shoes to complete the outfit.

I am giving myself this one last day off. I need to keep training and I don't want this to throw a wrench into things too much. I have worked out/played on injuries before, but things don't heal the way they used to so I need to be more careful. Mainly, however, I want to lay on my couch with an ice pack, taking Advil, whining to myself and trying to figure out what the hell I did.

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