21 July 2006

We're Having Heat Wave

At 8.15am today, the temperature was already 68F. In SF proper. According to weather.com, our average temps this time of year are 55-71F, but anyone who lives here knows it sits near the 56-61F marker. It is usually chilly.

I am not complaining...aside from the stupid sunburns (stupid on my part for forgetting to put sunscreen on), I am loving it!! We are actually experiencing what summer is like!! It makes me use copious amounts of exclamation points!!

Last night I was heading home around 11.30pm, and I was in a cami type top and was not the least bit cold (the alcohol may have helped, but still...). NO JACKET IN SF? Almost unheard of.

I can't wait to spend the weekend outside (with sunscreen, I hope).

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