25 July 2006

People on the Bus

Dear Lady that Got on the Bus Today and Immediately Started Bitching about not Getting a Seat:

When you huff onto the bus, with your grandson in tow, and not look at or make eye contact with anyone sitting there, and then start bitching to the bus driver how none of the young people on the bus are getting up to give you a seat, well, you make me want to offer my seat even less. I mean, look at me, and maybe ask. Or give me the opportunity to offer. Don't just launch into how your grandkid has a blister and can't stand for the 6 blocks you have to go. Don't go on and on and shake your head even AFTER you were offered a seat by someone who was nice enough to get up.

Please don't assume that there isn't a reason people are sitting in those seats. Looks can be deceiving. Recently, I was on the bus with a friend who had just had foot surgery. She had to sit down and I stood in front of her to protect her foot. She is young, healthy, but at that point was disabled (temporary, thankfully) and using the seats correctly. We both got a lot of dirty looks (her because she was sitting, me because I wouldn't move further back). You can't always see peoples' disabilities, so don't assume that I don't need that seat. I won't assume just because you are old that you'll be a harping nag. Promise.

The girl who would have offered the seat (well maybe, if she weren't in 4 inch heels)

In other news...
- Greatest.news.ever. If it's true, that is. Beverly Hills 90210 first season DVDs are being released. Laugh if you want, but I love that show. I grew up with it. And according to what I read, they will be released right after my bday. Whoo-hoo! (really, folks, simple pleasures)

- DAMN. I just saw the preview for JT's new video, and it looks good. Which means I have to sit up and wait now until it premieres at 11pm. It didn't sound like him singing, but it sure looked like his hot butt in the video clip!

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