10 July 2007


I am currently hosting my first houseguest. She is a friend of my brother's (and now, my friend, too), here from Australia.

I have lived alone for the past four or so years, so having someone else in the house is kind of new to me. She is a fantastic guest, keeping things neat, helping me with the dog, being generally a nice person.

What has been cool is that she wants to see things, so it makes me have to go out at night after work. This is a good thing, since usually I just hang out at home after work. Last night we went down to Fisherman's Wharf, which I usually avoid like the plague, to get In 'N Out. Most of the tourists must have been out at the Home Run Derby, because it was a pretty quiet night down there. It was great walking around, and nice to see all the beautiful views that area affords.

Tonight we went to this Mexican Restaurant in the Outer Mission. My friend had gone through a recent "Best of San Francisco" edition of a local newspaper and picked out a bunch of things she'd like to see, and this restaurant was one of them. Playa Azul is a Mexican seafood restaurant and a mariachi band plays there every night. The food was pretty good...although I wish I could eat seafood because the selections on that part of the menu looked really yummy.

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