18 July 2007

My City

Having a visitor this past week allowed me to see the City through new eyes. It is so easy to get involved in my day-to-day life, and forget how fantastic this place is.

For instance...The first night, we went down to In 'N Out at the Wharf. I haven't been down there in quite some time, so it was kind of interesting. We saw the Bush Man, who never fails to crack me up. We sat next to a group of guys, who I assume were there for the All-Star Game, who stopped talking to one another and just stared at the Bush Man scaring people. We had to walk off our meal after, and we went to look for the seals. There are so few there these days, it is very sad. Walking back to the car, we got to watch a lovely sunset over Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

One of the biggest things that struck me is how I forget that lots of tourists come here, and thus there are all the great tours, events, and tourist services - like hostel fun - that I have used in cities I had visited. Overnight trips to Yosemite, day trips to Muir Woods, big red buses through the City...these are things I just don't think of around here. It made me jealous, she did so many things that I haven't done here. But, jealous in a good way, because I am so happy to hear they have these things.

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