29 July 2007

On a Jet Plane

I am once again on a plane, this time en route to Chicago.

This was an interestingly quiet flight. Not much going on, until just now, when the guy in the row next to me, bothered by the kid behind him kicking the seat, asked the flight attendant to make it stop. The mom got really defensive, saying he's only two, what can I do. I'll tell you...walk him up and down the aisle a bit, and, while you're at it, change his diaper. She made the "we paid for his seat" argument, but the fact is, the kid was standing up in front of the seats, bumping things. Invading territory, methinks.

I just headed to the back to stretch my legs, and got a peek at what people were eating. It never fails to surprise me how much crap we put into our bodies, myself included. I am not a perfect eater. But I also exercise, and fit quite nicely into my airplane seat. In the back, there was a woman, already pushing the edges, with a bagel sandwich of some sort, and a huge bag of Doritos, and a Sprite. I am sure a lot of this was what was available at the airport, which is part of the problem. I don't know, it just makes me sad.

We're almost landing. Whoo-hoo.

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