13 August 2007

Football Already?

Last night I was talking to a friend, who was very excited; apparently she has tickets to tonight's 49ers game and field passes. I was excited for her, as well, but couldn't help thinking: Is it football season already?

Apparently, it is. Or, to be more exact, it is pre-season. But still, it seems to me that football season just ended. I have a hard time believing, even if the calendar tells me it is true, that over 6 months have passed since the Superbowl. Caveat, of course: I am not the hugest football fan in the world, but I do like it...when it is time for the season.

This should be the height of the baseball season. A time when we are lamenting our team's suckiness (yes, I am looking at you, Oakland A's) or celebrating our team's sudden chance at a pennant. Baseball should be the lead story on SportsCenter. But every year around this time, the same thing happens. Suddenly football becomes the focal point, which makes no sense, because what happens now, save for a few roster moves and perhaps an injury, makes no difference overall. The players aren't really trying out, a la Spring Training (which, come to think of it, I have no idea if this is true or not. Perhaps they are. Still not digging the football this time of year).

To me, football season is when it is cool outside; when I want to curl up in a warm blanket, perhaps next to a warm body, and watch the game, only moving for another beer or bathroom break. It's when I want to slap on the long sleeves and watch the folks at the park play (or try to play myself, which is usually fun but ends in an embarrassing display of ineptitude).

But now, in August, when the weather is finally heating up here in SF, I am watching commercials for "Battle of the Bay," which, if our baseball seasons have been any indication, will be the battle of who sucks less.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said. I think July is best time of the year. No football, no hockey, no basketball. Just baseball on all the t.v.'s in the bar and restaurants.