20 August 2007

Monday Answers...

From Monday's a Bitch.

1. What percent of your pants are denim?
I would say about 30-40%. I only have a few pairs of jeans.

2. What are your thoughts on the WWE? Entertaining? Irritating? Worst invention ever?
I grew up with WWF...and had a love/hate relationship. Love, probably because of the soap opera aspect; hate, because my brother and cousins used to practice the latest moves on me. I think what is going on now is very tragic.

3. Have you seen any movies recently that you would consider to be in the class of "greatest movies of all time"?
I don't think so. Wedding Crashers -- which isn't too recent -- will go down as a classic, along with Old School, 40-year old virgin, etc.

4. Have you ever denied having a livejournal/blog?
No. I may not tell people the name, but if they google me they'll find it.

5. If you were able to travel anywhere in the world, with any two people (alive, dead, real or fictional) as your traveling companions, where would you go, and who would come with you?
I think I would like to go somewhere with my two grandmothers. I am not sure where I would take them, but I bet the two of them together would have been a hoot.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this layout. Very good job on it!

Anonymous said...

Wedding Crashers, best film of all time? C'mon.

annie said...

I think Wedding Crashers will be a classic.