12 April 2010

Down the mountain

Yesterday was quite an awesome day. There was an early wake up call --
and a bit if a headache from the lava juice imbimbed the night before
-- but we all crawled onto the bus to head to our next adventure.

This had been one of my bigger fears -- rapelling down the side of a
mountain. The height, the lack of control...definitely one of the make
it or break it activities.

We took a bumpy ride up to the top of the mountain, and walked through
some fields full of termite nests until we arrived at the edge of the
waterfall and the beautiful rain forest.

The first rapel was pretty easy... Just about 30 feet down the craggy
fall. Then it was a rather rigourous hike to the next spot -- this
tour is definitely not for the out of shape. The second rapel was
about 100 feet...I was terrified when I stepped off the platform (the
"don't worry, we'll hold you" from our Tican guides wasn't that
reassuring as we outweighed them all)...but I made it off with
success! I was feeling pretty good on the 3rd fall, which was only
about 20 feet, and only slightly scared as we approached the final
rapel -- over 200 feet. It was also at that moment the rain started to
pour on down. It was awesome.

We're now in a bus headed to the southwest coast and our own house. We
are all excited to get there...both to see the house and get out of
this insanely driven bus!

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