14 April 2010

Lazy Daze

Upon arriving here to the Bali house, we decided to celebrate...we
celebrated so hard there were lots of bruises and many pics no one
remembers taking or being in. Even the rain couldn't dull the party.

But it did make for a painful Tuesday. I was up early thanks to the
birds and monkeys...headed to the pool and took a nap. A few hours
later the house started to wake up...most immediately took a nap by
the pool, too. Laura and I spent a few hours at the beach (and in the
water...it's SO WARM here; I've never been in ocean water so warm) and
eventually headed back upstairs.

The sun has not shown its face much on this trip. It's hot, for sure,
but cloudy and rainy. A few of us took a pre-dinner walk last night
and got back to the house moments before the rain started...it
continued all night and through this morning, with thunder &
lightening also making an appearance.

It probably worked out well for us in the end...today we went ATVing,
and what would have been dust was all mud. I made it through in one
piece, one putting my leg out once (ok, maybe twice) and getting in
trouble. While it was fun, it's not something I need to do again, I
don't think.

Now we're back for a quick dip in the pool, then off to the national
park nearby. I am hoping to see more animals...we are seeing tons of
monkeys, iguanas, lizards, crabs, and these big squirrel-looking
things with no tails. The monkeys, while very noisy, are very cute!

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