10 April 2010

So Fun

Tonight we went on a volcano hike and then to some hot springs.

The hike was nice...we didn't see much beyond a racoon-like species native or something to Costa Rica. but post-hike, our guides...1. Gave us beer, then 2. brought us to see the awesome lava on the volcano...then 3. gave us more alcohol! It was awesome!

We then went to the hot springs...which had a water slide. It was like being on our own private Manteca awesomeness, but with drinks. It was so fun I can hardly believe it. We missed our bus ride back home, but the nice young man who had attended Cal Poly (yes, we tried to work him for some freebies), called us a cab or two and got us home.

Tomorrow we get up at the butt crack of dawn to go rappelling down the side of a mountain. Yes, I am a little nervous.

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