17 October 2010

Following the Rules

One of the great things about living in San Francisco is the abundance of activities available to us for celebrations or just general fun.

Last night, I got to take advantage of one of those activities -- a boozy trolley car ride. This one was for my friend J's bday, and was themed "Hot Trolley Time Machine," with all of us ordered to dress as they did in the era of our choice. I am not huge on costumes, but here in SF, if you are going to do it, you have to do it as right as possible. I went as a 50s girl, with big flippy hair and saddle shoes. It was awesome that everyone was really into it, with costumes ranging from a gladiator to Snooki.

But what really cracked me up were the rules we were told before we got on the trolley, which included, but not limited to:
- Do not hand anyone off the trolley any drinks from the trolley
- Do not bring any booze from the bar onto the trolley
- Do not hang from/try any acrobatics on the hand straps
and, the best one...
- No peeing from the trolley

There were a bunch more, but these were particularly funny, because it meant that they have all happened enough times that they had to make it a formal rule that you CANNOT do these things. None of them surprise me, and I could see a few people I know doing one, if not all of these things...but, really? Like it wouldn't be common sense not to do them? It's illegal to carry a drink out of the bar...it's illegal to pee in public. It just made me laugh, for a good long while, that they had to make these formal rules and relate them to a bunch of 30+ year old adults!

(That's a pic of me while on the crawl. I had one simple goal: to make the Devo hat this one guy was wearing mine. Goal achieved...annie FTW)

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