27 October 2010

Scary Things

So far, I have liked pretty much everything about Boston. Sure, sports games are on late, and I couldn't imagine driving here, but overall, it's pretty damn fantastic.

Except for:

1. Revolving Doors. I get that they are eco-green or whatever. The fact is, they scare the bejeebus out of me. I mean, completely. Did I get stuck in one as a child? Knowing my brother, this is a real possibility. But...why do they have to put big signs on the non-revolvers, so it looks like if you open them the emergency bells will sound, when, in fact, they will not.

2. Auto-toilets. These drive me irrationally crazy. They never seem to work well. I still have to touch the flush button have the time. And, unless they have auto-everything else (sink, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser....), there is nothing more sanitary about it.

But the revolving doors...it's almost embarrassing.

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