07 August 2011

Earning the Wine!

This past weekend was the "big" wine tasting event up at the River.

I put big in quotes because, while this is probably the biggest weekend up there, the event itself is two hours, where we get dressed up cute and drink wine, possibly win a prize or two, and talk about how we can't wait for the dance. It is one of the most fun weekends of my year, and this year didn't disappoint!

For the first time, I did the loop with a few of my friends. I usually only run about 3-3.5 miles while I am up there -- breathing is tough with the allergies -- and I'll admit I was a little scared to do the full 7.5ish miles with them. I hadn't run that far in over 1.5 years!

Pretty excited that I completed it with no walking. And without too much pain in the hips (until the end). We chatted the entire time and the miles went by rather quickly...and, since we were on a highway, we had to be alert for the cars, too! 

This gives me great hope for the training I'll need to do for the half marathon at the end of October. I kept this pace pretty easily, and hopefully in the next few months can pick up the pace a tiny bit and up my distance. 10min/mile is my goal for the half!

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