14 August 2011

Skip it: Something Borrowed

It's been a day or two since I watched this movie...and I am still struggling to figure out who thought it was a good idea. Maybe they thought if they put together a good cast, the movie would sell on that alone.

**may contain spoilers...which shouldn't matter, because you should not watch this movie...ever.**

Because there is nothing more there, really. I watched it and was let there wondering why Ginnifer Goodwin's character would ever be friends with a girl like Kate Hudson's character, and how someone like Colin Egglesfield character would love her that much to want to marry her.

Then, we are asked to be sympathetic to the fact that Ginnifer & Colin are really in love, go behind her best friend's back, and he never considers leaving.

I guess underlying it all -- we all have a friend at some point who always wins, who never hears no. But that usually ends by the time we're in our mid-20's (if not sooner). These people are 30+. The only person based in reality, to me, was John Krasinski's character, who was telling his best friend that he was tired of her shit and to grow up...well, until he then did the totally chick-flick (and NOT based in reality) thing of confessing love.

Movies like this bother me, because they ask us to like profoundly unlikeable characters, without any development. And this isn't a knock against the actors; all in this movie did the best with what they were given (except Kate Hudson, who was just kinda Shouty McYellerson all over the place). They treat us like we are stupid and lack any sense whatsoever...which, perhaps in choosing to watch this movie, we are.

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