10 August 2011

Read This: Hunger Games Trilogy

I have always been fascinated by writers (well, artists in general, but especially books). How they can have an idea that can carry through two hundred pages, and hold the attention of readers. This is especially true of more intricate stories, where consistency and attention to the smallest of details really count.

I had been hearing about The Hunger Games Trilogy for quite some time...I don't always take to the  most popular books (i.e. Twilight, Harry Potter), but something drew me to this trilogy. Perhaps because there's a movie coming out next year that I know will be popular...who knows. A week or two ago, I noticed that the book was around 5$ on the Kindle, and so I thought, why not?

I started reading it last week, and finished the 3rd book of the series by Sunday. Read all three in about 5 days. They were that gripping and exciting that I couldn't put them down. And completely, totally f-ed up.

The Hunger Games refers to a horrible death match forced upon the constituents of a post-apocalyptical world as a form of control. The books follow Katniss Everdeen, a rebellious teenager drafted into the Hunger Games, who ends up starting a fire that cannot be contained.  

On the surface, it's a messed up, gory story full of craziness. But, if you go a step further, there is a scary message in there about mind control, and a more philosophical question of how do we know what is real and what is propaganda. And also how terrible people can be to one another when they are fearful of losing control and there are no checks and balances.

There is some very messed up stuff in there, and I would love a peek into Collins's brain that she could come up with it. And that she could continue to come up with new twists along the way. There must be some crazy stuff going on in there!

I seriously could not put these books down, and now I am so excited for the movies. I can not imagine how they are going to translate some of this to the big screen...I just can't imagine it at all.

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