28 April 2007

Bienvenido a Miami

I have been traveling quite a bit for work of late.

After the dog-losing visit to Vegas, I headed out to Miami. I had only been there one other time in my life, when I was about 12, so I didn't remember much other than the severe police presence in the mall attached to our hotel.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the city has changed for the better!

Since I was there for work, I got to stay at a lovely hotel right on the water - the Intercontinental. It sat right on the cruise harbor, so were I there on a set sail or welcome home day, I would have seen the cruise ships and the travelers in all their glory.

In an attempt to make my blog more helpful, especially when it comes to travel, here are some of my first tips. First, I strayed from my norm and took US Airways (still a Star Alliance partner). It was nice, but lacked the leg space I am used to in United Economy Plus. The check in/boarding were all surprisingly easy.

Upon my arrival in Miami, I took a cab to the hotel. the tough part for me was being unsure my cab driver understood where I was going. His English was very gruff with a strong French-Caribbean accent. And he kept laughing at something, either his friends that we'd just left or me or ?? I felt a little at odds, since I usually chat with the taxi driver, and I also had no clue where we were going. Cab from the airport was around 28$ with tip.

I quickly crashed upon arriving as it was around 10 or so in the evening. That's one thing about west to east travel...you kill a whole day in the plane!

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