29 April 2007

Miami Parte Dos

One of the great discoveries I made while in Miami was the bus system. When I am traveling for work, I usually don't think or need to use public transportation. I tend to stay within a small radius of the hotel, or walk a lot, or just have no time to do anything but work.

This time, however, I needed to go to Kinkos (ugh...a whole other post). After looking at their website, I thought there was one right across from the hotel. Turns out, I didn't read close enough and it was just a shipping center. In a move that didn't make sense to me, there was no Kinkos downtown. The closest was in Miami Beach, a mere 5 miles away.

After calling them with my order, I realized they weren't going to do it right and I headed down there. So I hopped in a cab.

5 miles and 20$ later, I was there. They told me I'd have to come back at least 2 more times... one to check the proof, and another to pick up the copies. Calculating this, it was awfully expensive. So I started walking back, not planning to go the whole way but just thinking I could defray some costs. Then I noticed there was a bus stop right in front of me. Upon looking at the little map, I saw that it got me within one block of my hotel. So rather than 20$, I was going to pay 1.50$ and maybe take 10 minutes longer.

My boss generously told me to take a cab... but I couldn't reconcile this in my budget traveler heart. Plus, it didn't seem to stop every block like our buses here, so it really didn't take much longer. It was great.

I ended up only having to go back one more time; thankfully Kinkos got it right the first time. But thanks to Kinkos, I was able to find a cheap, good alternative!

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