30 April 2007

Miami the Third

My favorite thing about being in Miami was going to South Beach.

After the last day of the conference, we wanted to celebrate our success and decided on a nice meal down in South Beach. We dined at Wish, at The Hotel. It was the perfect Miami Beach setting (on 8th and Collins, I believe). It was a warm night, with just the slightest bit of humidity - it had been raining all day - very light breeze. The outside terrace was set under lush trees with strings of lights giving us something to read by. The food was delicious, and as decadent as our surroundings. Two courses and a few drinks later, we were all pleasantly full.

We were also ready to dance. Led by a frequent visitor, we first visited Mango's, a must for any tourist. We watched as very drunk out-of-towners banged into one another in a sort of dancing motion. We got a drink and checked out the bar top dancers. And we danced a bit.

After that, we headed down to a hotel. We thought it was just a few blocks away, but it turned out to be about 12 plus! Not that far, but in 4-inch heels, not the easiest walk! Going down there, I was in awe of all the art deco buildings. Talk about inspiring. The curves of the buildings, with the colors and lights, are so sexy. That with the perfect night air, it is no wonder people are in awe of the place! We ended up at a hotel bar, sitting on the beds next to the pool, sipping on champagne until around 1am.

Perfectly lovely.

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