01 May 2007

Rock on, Governator

I am not a huge fan of the California Governator. However, he scored some points in my book after this weekend.

There was an accident on Sunday morning which resulted in a disaster on the Macarthur Maze, a vital traffic artery in the Bay Area. A piece of the overpass melted and fell, which means there is no freeway between the Bay Bridge and a big part of the East Bay. This spelled doom for the commute.

Very quickly, Arnold stepped in and called for free public transit for the entire area. The California state government will be paying for it. Not only did it help alleviate the traffic this morning, but also pushed people to the more environmentally-friendly option of public transit. It also reaffirmed his commitment to making California a more green state. If just a few people decide to permanently switch to public transportations, our emissions will begin to be cut and the environment saved a bit.

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