01 May 2007

Toronto, eh?

I told you I had been traveling a lot for work!

Last week, I headed up north and over to the east to visit Toronto. I had never really been to Canada before (one quick trip to Whistler a few years ago), and had heard great things about Toronto, so was excited to check it out.

My first mistake (which probably ended up being a good thing at the end) was taking a red eye. When I was younger, I would take a red eye for a work trip, sleep a little upon arrival, then check out the city. Since I needed to be in Toronto on Saturday anyway, this seemed like a good idea!

I arrived and was beat (my red eye was not direct...I had a flight to Chicago first, then continued on to Toronto). Although I had slept through most of both my flights, it wasn't continuous sleep, so that kind of threw me off. I got to the hotel, the Soho Metropolitan, where they graciously had my room ready and waiting for me. And I crashed.

My friend Bill had headed up to Toronto to hang out for the day, so I eventually got out of bed and got myself together. We met up, walked around, and finally found a lunch place, Flatiron & Firkin. I don't recommend it. The food was meh and the service was even moreso. It was right near the Raptor's stadium, so fans were pouring out and still feeling positive, despite the loss. I suddenly got very tired. So, up for 2 hours, and I needed to head back to the hotel for another 3 hour nap.

Took that, then headed out again. Had a few beers, a few appys, and, shock of shocks, I needed to go back to bed. I didn't stay out late in large part because I had to be up and smiley working at 7.30 the next morning (which is 4.30am my normal time!). I went back to the hotel and crashed out completely.

It was a definite reality check on my age...I can't do the red eyes the way I used to at age 22. But, on the plus side, I didn't have to deal with jet lag as I went to bed easily the first night, and synced up with the local time!

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