09 May 2007

Getting around in Vegas

Back in the day, it cost about 10$ to take a cab anywhere in Vegas. It seemed, whether you were going to the Strip or to the convention center, the ride was right in the 10$ range.

This is no longer the case. Minimum seems to be around 15-20$ now, and it seems to be a little harder to find one. So are they still the best option?

According to the cabbie my colleague and I had the other day, any other way around Vegas is a waste of money. There is a new monorail system, and cabbie said it was a complete waste for them to build. I am not sure whether I agree or disagree...I haven't taken the monorail, so I don't know what the ride/cars look like. But I am a big proponent of public transportation, so I would like it to work.

Here's the rub, though...it costs 5$/ride. And the route is super limited to just a few hotels on the Strip and to the Convention Center. If you're not at one of those hotels, it is pretty inconvenient. It is too bad.

There are also limos/car services. Those can cost up to 70$ for just a quick ride. I should know; we took a few on Friday night to avoid the long cab lines. As I was almost falling asleep standing up, the thought of standing in that cab line was not appealing in the least. But still, limos are not the best option most of the time.

I think, whenever possible, walking is the best bet for Vegas. How else can you really take in all the sites and sounds?!

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