01 April 2007

Let's Talk Trash

Until I had a dog, I never noticed how much trash people dump on the ground. It saddens and disgusts me that people are so careless in how they treat our home.

Because Luca has his nose in everything, I have to constantly watch him to make sure he isn't picking up any disgusting or potentially dangerous (to him) items. As we walk, I see napkins, food remnants, fast food bags, plastic bags, snack items, human/animal excrement, liquor bottles, needles, condom wrappers...basically, you name it, I have likely seen it sitting under a tree.

I don't understand how it is ok to dump your trash on the ground when there is a garbage can ten feet away. Actually, regardless of the location of the can, I don't understand why people do it. I guess they have no pride in where they live. They also must not understand how these items can be dangerous, especially to children and pets, who like to touch and explore everything.

It makes me sad that we have so little respect for the earth that provides so much for us.

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