12 May 2008

Europe 2008: Packing Up

When I first booked my tickets, mid-May seemed so far off. I felt like I had a ton of time to wait, plan, wait some more, get ready. How the heck, then, did mid-May sneak up on me so quickly?

I spent this weekend taking care of things around my house, since it is my last weekend before I leave. And, I know I'll have a lot of work to do at work this week, and there are meetings each evening, it seems, so I need to be prepared.

This doesn't work all that well for me, a known procrastinator. I like to do anything but what I need to be doing. However, I am now down to crunch time, and I need to get moving. So I cleaned up, made my list, and started to do laundry. This week, I'll do the shopping I need to do for last minute items (like earplugs and sunscreen), and make sure I have all the little items I need.

All my tickets have been booked, all my hotels reserved. I am still debating on a few tours, but have a little time on those. I think my list is pretty thorough, and hopefully I won't forget anything important!

And, this time next week, I will be landing in Lisbon for my Portuguese adventure!

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Pernilla said...

Yay! Almost there! I feel the same way, I was going to be sooo prepared by now. Heh. Now it's countdown for K's arrival and it is 29 hours... I can't believe it is almost time for us all to meet up again!