08 June 2008

Being Home

I've been home now for a week...catching up on sleep was tough, especially since I had a work trip thrown in there, but I am finally starting to get back into the swing of things!

There are some things I don't miss about my travels...I don't miss being shoved all the time. I don't miss not having toilet seat covers. Having to find public restrooms got a little old after a while. The smoking, well, I don't miss that either. Having no schedule or structure, that is tough for me. And I don't miss missing my Luca.

But, there is so much I do miss. I miss the fashions -- both clothing and hair (MULLETS galore!). I miss wandering around, finding hidden surprises around each corner. I miss the Spanish men paying me compliments as I walk down the street. I miss taking a paseo after dinner, strolling down the Santa Cruz of Sevilla and passing under the looming shadow of the Cathedral. I miss wandering the streets late at night (or early in the morning, if you will), and encountering random bursts of flamenco music. I miss my friends, with whom I shared a special city, and who I look forward to seeing there again in 2018. I miss observing people -- tourists, locals, workers, vagabonds -- all trying to find their way. And, I miss the randomness that happened throughout my trip -- seeing the king, being on a flight with a famous futbol player, watching some robbers sprint down the street after breaking into a store.

It is nice to be home, but do love my second home of Spain. I felt at peace there.


keltie said...

Oh god this post makes me jealous! Sounds like a good trip.

Anonymous said...

So, Spain is still relatively free of smoking bans? Do people especially women smoke openly and proudly there?

annie said...

No, there are lots of places where you can't smoke, moreso in Barca than in Sevilla.

I am not sure who "anonymous" is, but I guess women smoke as openly and proudly as men. That's a weird question.